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Although magazinecollector.net is not a website for buying and selling, it does have some features to help match buyers and sellers.

When you have flagged an issue that you want to buy, if there is another member who has that issue for sale a trade suggestion will appear in the member bar at the top of every page.

And when you have flagged an issue you have for sale, if there is a member who has flagged the same issue as wanting to buy a copy, again a trade suggestion will be shown.

You can visit your trading suggestions page at any time to see if there are any potential trading matches. Suggestions are grouped by member so you can easily see if there are opportunities to swap too.

On every issue page you will be able to see the number of members who have that issue, want that issue, or have a copy for sale. You can click on these items to show the list of members and then you can contact them individually to discuss buying, selling or trading.

Trading warning

Buying and selling online can be risky. MagazineCollector.net accepts no reponsibility for any losses or damages as a result of buying, selling, swapping or dealing with anyone from this website. You do so at your own risk.

We strongly recommend that you deal face-to-face, or use a secure trading platform such as eBay, and a payment system like PayPal where there is protection for both buyers and sellers.