About Magazine Collector

I collect car and motorcycle magazines, and have done so since I was a teenager.

When I have an interest in a particular model I start trawling through the various publications I have trying to find articles on the model, which takes some time.

I wanted to create a service where I can easily search my collection for articles on a particular topic.

I also wanted to be able to refer to a list of what issues I have or want so when I see magazines for sale I know whether I should buy or not.

Twenty years ago I did create an index of my collection at the time. It was a very simple system built in dBase IV that only recorded the publication name, issue, and the topic of each article.

I have used this data as a starting point for this website, even though this new system is much different and stores much more information. So if you see some incomplete issue indexes all in upper case, that's the old data which is slowly being updated.

This website depends on the work of the magazine collector community. My collection is only so big, and my time only so much. Many thanks to the members who have contributed so much of their time entering magazines, covers and contents, or shared their own databases.

If you have any suggestions for improving this website, please get in touch.

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This website was not created for profit, it costs a little to run each year some of which is recouped from the Google Ads and eBay affiliate links.

If you want to support the website, if you purchase from eBay or Amazon Australia and first use one of the affiliate links below, Magazine Collector may receive a small commission:

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