Moderator Responsibilities

When a member's reputation-points points reach a specific amount they become a moderator.

A moderator can publish new and changes to existing publications and issues without needing approval from a moderator. They can also publish reviews about publications and issues without needing approval.

Moderators can also review other member's requests to add or make changes to existing publications and issues, and new reviews about publications and issues. They can choose to approve the request, or to delete the request if they consider it to be an attempt to add spam the website or if it is not of a sufficient quality to be published.

When there are requests waiting to be reviewed you will see a link in the member toolbar at the top of each page. This will say review with a number following indicating the number of items pending review.

This link will take you to the review requests page where you will be presented with the first item awaiting review. For each request you will see whether it is a new publication, issue or review, the current version if a change, and the new or updated version that the member has entered.

You are presented with buttons to skip, approve or delete. If you are unsure about a request you can skip it and leave it for another member. If the request is legitimate and of an acceptable standard then it can be approved. If the request is not legitimate, spam, or of a low quality it can be deleted.

Deleting a request will cause that member to lose reputation points and could result in the member's account being closed, so it is important to ensure that the delete option is used only to remove non-legitimate requests.

Non-legitimate requests should be reasonably obvious as they might contain information on, and links to topics unrelated to automotive magazines.