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Adding and editing publications and issues

Adding and editing publications and issues


To add a new publication, first locate and click on the most relevant category. At the bottom of the category page click the Add a publication button and you will be taken to the new publication page.

To edit an existing publication, locate the publication page, and then click the edit link.

The following fields are available for a publication:

Publication name
The official name of the publication, eg. Top gear
Optional text with a description of the publication. This should be factual information rather than opinionated (which can be left as a review instead). Examples of relevant information includes the target audience, date of first issue, date of final issue if the publication is no longer being published, and any other useful or interesting facts. Eg. This magazine focuses on performance cars and was introduced in March 1965
Country of origin
The country this publication is published for.


To add a new issue, first locate the publication and click on the add issue button.

To edit an existing issue, locate the issue page, and then click the edit link.

The following fields are available for an issue:

Year of issue
Enter the year for publications that are issued for a date. For issues that don't have a date (eg. by volume or issue number) leave this blank.
Month of issue
For monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, fortnightly or weekly publications.
Day of issue
Publications that are issued weekly or fortnightly usually have a day of issue.
Volume number
Where relevant.
Issue number
Where relevant.
Issue name
This field would usually be left blank, except for special issues that are not categorised by date, volume or issue number, such as annuals, seasonal, or special issues.
Optional text with a description of the issue. This should be factual rather than option based (which can be left as a review instead). Examples of relevant information includes useful or interesting facts about the issue or if a special issue then relevant details. Eg. This issue introduced a new masthead and a larger format paper or Special issue for the introduction of the new Toyota Corolla.
A listing of the contents of the issue, including as much detail as possible. See notes below for guidance and formatting instructions.
Front cover
An optional image representing the front cover of the issue.

Most publications are date based, so you would enter the year, month and possible the day of issue depending on whether it is an annual, quarterly, bimonthly, monthly, fortnightly or weekly publication. The issue month or date is almost always printed on the front cover. If there is also a volume and/or issue number these can be entered as well.

Some publications are not issued by date, but may include a volume and/or issue number.

Some publications may be issued seasonaly. In this case you can use the issue name to enter the relevant name.

Sometimes a publication may be issued regularly, eg. monthly, but they may publish a special issue such as an annual or a collector's edition of some sort. In this case enter any relevant date or volume/issue number information and include the title in the issue name field.

Issue contents

Firstly, this is probably the most time consuming part of adding an issue so however you are willing to do this is acceptable.

Ideally, you would type in the contents page directly as it appears in the magazine, using some special formatting, and also adding any missing terms that might make searching for articles better.

There is limited formatting that you can use to ensure that your listings are easy to read and consistent.

Magazines are usually broken up into sections. A car magazine might have sections for news, feature articles, and road tests. To indicate a section enter it on a line by itself but put two asterisks (**) in front, eg. **News.

To indicate that a row is about an article, start the line with a single asterisk (*).

If you don't use the formatting asterisks then you should leave a blank line between each article.

For each article, it would be ideal to include the following information:

  • Article title
  • Authors (and photographers if relevant)
  • Description of the article including topics
  • Length of the article (eg. 3 pages or <1 page for part page articles)

At a bare minimum, the topics of major articles should be listed, so people can get an idea of what the issue features, and also find article by searching for topics.

Contents cannot include any HTML markup or hyperlinks.

Here's an example of how contents should be entered:

*Scoop photos of new Toyota Corolla
*February sales take a dive
*Annual car audio buyer's guide
*Interview with F1 driver John Smith
**Road Tests
*Porsche 911 versus BMW M3 (E36)
*Volkswagen Transporter
*From the Editor
*New car prices


One of the most important parts of entering contents is to identify the topic(s) of each article so that people can search for articles of interest.

If the article is about a specific make or model, then as much detail about that should be included. This might include the full make (eg. Mercedes-Benz not just Merc or Mercedes), the model, the series where possible, and the model variant.

Here's some examples to give you a better idea:

Toyota - if the article is about the Toyota brand, but not a specific model
Toyota Corolla - if the article is about the Toyota Corolla, but not a specific model variant
BMW 3-series E36 - if the article is about the E36 series BMW 3-series range
BMW 325i E36 - if the article is about this specific model

If the article is about other topics such as a personality, event (motor show, or racing event) then try and include as much information as possible.