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Reputation points

Reputation Points

The reputation points system is designed to allow members to become moderators and protect the website against spammers.

When a member joins they start with 3 reputation point. This is enough points to allow them to suggest new and edits to existing publications, issues and articles. These suggestions will then be reviewed by a moderator.

Points are awarded when a member suggests new or edits to existing publications, issues and articles, and they are subsequently reviewed and accepted by a moderator.

A member will not earn any reputation points for making changes to a publication, issue or article which they created or previously edited.

Points are also awarded when a member leaves a review about a publication or issue, and the review is subsequently approved by a moderator to be published.

A member becomes a moderator when they reach 200 reputation points.

A moderator has access to review queues for new and edits to existing publications, issues and articles, and to new reviews.

When a moderator reviews and approves any request or review they are awarded points for their work. As any new items or edits that are done directly by a moderator do not require review the moderator will be awarded the relevant points for their changes, but will not receive extra points for moderating their own changes.

Members will lose reputation points if anything they add or edit is rejected.

Reputation points cannot be lost past zero. At this level the membership is cancelled and the member can no longer log in.

How points are awarded

Action Points
Make changes to a publication (once approved) +1
Create a new issue of a publication (once approved) +5
Add an image to an issue (not replace image, once approved) +5
Add contents to an issue (not edit contents, once approved) +5
Make changes to an issue (once approved) +1
Leave a review (once published) +2
Review another member's create or edit +1
Create or make changes to anything that is rejected -1

What are the achivement levels?

Level Points
Add and edit publications, issues and articles +3
Leave a review about a publication or issue +3
Create a user profile +10
No advertisements +1000
Leave a review about another member +100
Moderator +200
Membership cancelled 0