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Planned updates to website - starting October 2021

Oct 12 '21 at 21:29 (UTC)

Planned updates to website - starting October 2021

I am starting work on some updates to the website and new functionality.

Planned new features:

* Ability to crop and rotate cover images when adding/editing magazines.

* Bulk file export and import of magazines. This will allow adding new magazines via a file you can create in Microsoft Excel (or similar). You could also export magazines and make changes in Excel and then import the file to update the website.

* Better recording of items for sale, including condition, eBay sales link and possibly price and postage cost calculation.

* eBay file export and import. This would combine with the other change to give the ability to export a list of magazines for sale that could be loaded into eBay as drafts. There would also be the ability to update items for sale on this website from an eBay export.

* Member collection export. The ability for members to "backup" their collection to a file.

Any feedback on these changes or suggestions for other features is always welcome.

Oct 13 '21 at 08:10 (UTC)

So far today all I did was make a change not originally on the list. You can now filter magazine searches by country or language.

I am also looking at solutions for fixing the slow search by topic. Because the database has now grown very large, search by topic is taking too long and often results in an error as searches cannot be completed in a reasonable time.

Oct 20 '21 at 09:28 (UTC)

Thanks John - good work.

Could I suggest another possible addition - the ability to add more than one cover shot for an issue? There are a few limited examples of issues that were printed with different covers (for example Car Australia March '88), but also Wheels magazines for the past few years have been printed with different covers for subscribers and non-subscribers. At the moment, it's only possible to capture one of those covers in each listing.

Oct 20 '21 at 22:36 (UTC)

Thanks @beamer, for that suggestion. I will look into adding that and how the extra cover/s might display throughout the site.

On another note, I think I have fixed the issue with slow search today.

I am also considering removing some of the little/un-used categories that aren't directly related to motoring - aviation, boats and trains.

Lastly, I'm reconsidering my recent(ish) addition of books and brochures to the website. Adding these has detracted from the focus of this website (magazines) and has made the search function more complicated, added to storage requirements and added extra load to search.

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Oct 21 '21 at 10:29 (UTC)

Hi John

The name of the site is magazinecollector, so removing the books and brochures should not be a great loss. Sites like LibrayThing cater very well for book collections.

The unused categories have not been used in the whole time that the site has been live so should not cause any drama if they are removed.


Oct 24 '21 at 08:41 (UTC)

Hello John,
I think the way magazine collector is now structured, it’s good. It would be very unfortunate if sections like “boat”, “train”, “aviation” were to disappear, they belong to this site and certainly expand the circle of visitors to this site. Perhaps we could even add the topics of "technology" and "electromobility". In fact, books and brochures can be dispensed with.

Otherwise, thank you John! Working with this site is really fun!


Oct 24 '21 at 21:18 (UTC)

Thanks for your feedback, @digl1pet. I will keep boats, trains and aviation. I will most likely remove books and brochures and keep the focus just on magazines.

At this stage I would rather not add non-automotive/transport related categories as significant increases to the website's traffic and storage requirements could increase the costs associated with running the website.

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Dec 9 '21 at 02:29 (UTC)

I finally released one of the new features. From today, you will have the option of cropping cover images at the time of of upload.

Dec 16 '21 at 03:11 (UTC)

I have started refreshing and updating some of the pages including the list of issues for a publication page, and the actual issue page.

The issue page is being prepared for improvements to allow members to sell issues through the site and external sites like eBay.

You can also now move to the previous or next issue (chronologically) from an issue page.

The styling changes and additional of icons will be applied to all areas of the website next.

Dec 26 '21 at 02:13 (UTC)

I'm still working away on changes to help members buy and sell through the website.

In the meantime, you may notice the addition of a new optional field when editing issues to record the weight of the magazine. I found this useful for calculating postage costs.