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March 1996 (Volume 2 No. 2)

4x4 Mechanix
March 1996 (Volume 2 No. 2)

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Country: United States
Category: Four Wheel Drive

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Suddenly, it's 1997
Ford has the jump on the competition in model year and performance.
Border Patrol
The Canadian-based Cherokee has all the right credentials.
Bronco Built for Two
A do-it-yourself sleeper for you and yours.
The Ultimate Pair
We built the ultimate maxed-out CJ5 and CJ7. Here are the results.
Past, Present, Future
Jeep's new '97 Wrangler has ingredients from each era in one neat package.
Playing Dress-Up
A Ranger that wants to be an F250 when it grows up.
Taming Black Bear Pass
This Colorado challenge is not for the faint of heart.

Easy Reins for Early Bronocs
A possible solution for early Broncos with steering woes.
Fixing Failing Fasteners
Broken screws and stripped threads are easy to repair.
Cleaning Your Own Radiator
Renew the inside of your radiator with a pool solution.
Diamonds in the Rough
...Black Diamond Advanced Suspension, that is.
See the Light
How to get the most from your 4x4's headlights.
Practical Solutions
Getting more value from your Lock-Right.
4x4 Towing
Steps to prep your four-wheeler for towing.

Road Tests
1996 Toyota RAV4
A new light-duty 4x4 is a budget trail-buster.
Rediscovering the Land Rover
Britain's greatest contribution to off-roading is still improving - after 50 years.
Rocky Mountain High
Geo Tracker four-door takes on the high ground!

In Gear
Detroit 4x4 Hotline
New Terrain
Trailing Off

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