Old Motor and Vintage Commercial

89 issues published over 16 years from january 1963 to mid 1979.
(1). Old Motor was launched in january 1963 as a companion publication to Vintage Commercial which was first published the previous year.
(2). In july 1963 the two publications were merged to create Old Motor and Vintage Commercial as a monthly publication. The first "new issue"was published as a king Size (210mm x 285mm) and numbered as volume two. It continued as a monthly publication until september 1968 when it ceased publication although there were publication gaps and some issues covered two months.
(3). The title reverted to Old Motor with the march/april 1966 issue.
(4). It re-commenced publication with the november/december 1971 issue, volume 6/issue #1 as a bimonthly.
(5). The publication was sold to new owners in mid 1979 with the last issue being volume 11/issue #6. The new Old Motor was published as a monthly publication for 34 issues until april 1982 when it changed its name to Classic and Sportscars.
(6). In 1971, a monthly newspaper was launched by the same editors of the bimonthly magazine titled Old Motor News which was a single sheet, eight page publication which was sold only on subscription.
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Country: United Kingdom
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Old Motor and Vintage Commercial (United Kingdom)

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