The collectibles magazine for car lovers. Covers everything related to cars and the automotive industry from models, literature, petrolinia to photos, posters, collectors etc.

Started as a monthly magazine in july 1993 as a large size magazine in black and white with no colour. After about twelve months it re-sized to a normal A4 size with a glossy colour cover and better quality paper until january 1998 (vol 6/issue #1). It re-commenced with the april 1998 issue (vol 6/issue #4) as a newspaper style publication.
Note: the issue number always related to the month of the year i.e. july was always issue #7.
The editorial direction (with readership feedback) transitioned more towards model toys over the next two years away from its overall automobilia focus.
This newspaper style ceased with the may 2000 issue (vol 8/issue #5)(I have 22 issues in a box somewhere in storage) when the publishers migrated it to an on-line store selling models.
The magazine itself was merged into the monthly Toy Cars & Vehicles magazine of july 2000 issue #28.
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