September 1992 (Volume 39 No. 4)


September 1992 (Volume 39 No. 4)

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Country: Australia
Category: Cars

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1997 Ford Capri: built here with two-stroke power
Mercedes-Benz 600SL: first official pics
Ferrari F40 successor: F1 technology
Mercedes-Benz MPV: a three-pointed people mover
Alfa Romeo Spider: headed here in '94
BMW roadster: secret 318is-based two-seater
Eunos 500, 30X: Mazdas by another name, headed here
Ford Falcon GT: inside Ford's latest muscle car
Bugatti EB110: driving the world's fastest production car!
Anti-lock braking systems compared: do they work, whose is best? The full drum...
Car communications: car phones - which one, how much?
HSV Senator 5000i: a long winter's drive
BMW 318is: compact & classy coupe
Amaroo Clubman v Fraser Clubman v PRB Clubman v Westfield SE: Fun, inexpensive, and very, VERY fast
Audi 80 2.3 v BMW 318i v Mercedes-Benz 180E v Saab 9000CDi v Volvo 940 GL: new Audi meets the sub-luxury tax rivals
Honda Legend Coupe v Subaru SVX: luxury-performance coupes head to head
Motor Sport
French Grand Prix - Round 8 Magny-Cours
ATCC - Round 9 Oran Park
British Grand Prix - Round 9 Silverstone
Straight Torque
On the Verge
New Products
Behind the Wheel
New car prices
Road test data

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