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Old Street Machine Magazines

Jun 10 '22 at 01:03 (UTC)

Old Street Machine Magazines

Hi guys i am new to this website.
A relative has disappeared and I have come to own his collection of car magazines from the 1980s.
I have a couple boxes full of magazines and I am wondering where should I list them, otherwise I may just have to put them in the bin.
I have
4x4 Australia 1988-91
Street and Custom 1987-88
Super Street Magazine 1987
Fast Fours and Rotaries 1990
4WD magazines
Street Machine 1980s
They are all in great to excellent condition.
Advice or interest would be great

Jun 10 '22 at 10:45 (UTC)

You would get the most money by selling individual issues on eBay, but that involves a reasonable amount of time and effort, listing issues for sale and posting, etc.

Otherwise you could list them altogether or as sets. Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace are good if you just want someone local to pickup, and eBay too if you don't mind posting.

Maybe someone here might be interested. Where are you located?

Jun 12 '22 at 05:11 (UTC)

I live in Caulfield.
I posted the magazines on Gumtree, if any one is interested look at my profile.