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Magazines for sale or swap

Jun 21 '21 at 23:54 (UTC)

Magazines for sale or swap

The Motorlife Museum has received several large donations of magazines over the last two years which has resulted in many duplicate and surplus issues.

These include the following:

(Thoroughbred &) Classic Cars - October 1973 (issue # 1) to December 2015 - 382 issues (list available)
(Thoroughbred &) Classic Cars - October 1973 (issue # 1) to December 1979 - 75 issues - 3 missing from range: Nov 1973, Sep & Nov 1974
(Thoroughbred &) Classic Cars - October 1973 (issue # 1) to September 1978 - Volumes 1 to 5; Vols 1, 3 & 5 hard bound in light blue, vols 2 & 4 loose bound in publishers binders
Octane - July 2003 (issue # 1) to June 2020 - 198 issues, 3 missing; Feb & Mar 2005, Apr 2020
Classic & Sports Cars - April 1982 (issue # 1) to May 2020, 416 issues (list available)
EVO - November 1998 (issue # 1) to 2017, 157 issues (list available)
EVO Australia - August 2013 (issue # 2) to 2019, 53 issues
Sporting Cars - 39 issues from November 1981 (issue # 1); volumes 1 & 2 (24 issues from Nov 1981 to Oct 1984) complete in publishers binders plus 15 loose issues from Nov 1984 to Dec 1986

Reasonable offers considered for any of the above before we list on Gumtree/Ebay.
We will welcome swaps/trades for issues missing from our collection.
Pick up at the museum at Kembla Grange near Wollongong.

We are still organising large numbers of the following which we will offer later:
Motorsports(from the early 1950s), Wheels, Modern Motor and Motor, Motor Manual, RCN, Road & Track, SCW Quarterly, Sports Car Graphic and more.

If you are looking for a specific missing issue(s), contact us as we may be able to supply.


Oct 10 '21 at 05:28 (UTC)

Good afternoon Brian. I came to this site via the AHA where I heard you speak about your work on cataloguing the magazines in the collection. I am hoping that you may have the following: Classic & Sportscar Sept 2006, June 2010 & Feb 2018. I have some Australian Motor Sports magazines (small format from 1951) to trade if you need them, otherwise happy to pay. All the best. Scott Garnett

Oct 12 '21 at 21:48 (UTC)

Hi Scott
I should have all three magazines that you are after. Although the museum is still closed to the public due to covid, some of the volunteers are starting to get access. I will check for you tomorrow Thursday.
With AMS, we have a complete set up to mid 1952 but are missing a few in late 1952 and 1953.
I will get back to you once I have checked.

Feb 26 '22 at 09:01 (UTC)

Hi new to forum so hope this is the right thread to mention that we have over 400 Australian car mags from late 40s to early 60s to sell. Wheels, Motor Manual, Modern Motor, Cars Today, ATS, Practical Motorist, Sports Car and specials. Peter. peter.e.berry1@gmail.com.

Mar 2 '22 at 00:19 (UTC)

Hi Peter
Do you have a list of the Wheels and Motor Manual that are available?