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One more suggestion....

Aug 16 '20 at 11:33 (UTC)

One more suggestion....

When recording new magazines, I have already used a mask I developed in some cases, which should give a quick overview of the magazine in question:
TITLE: ................(Name of the magazine) (can be omitted. . . )
COUNTRY: ......(Where did the magazine appear?) (Interesting when these countries no longer exist)
LANGUAGE: ...(In which language is this magazine available?)(I think it makes sense)
FIRST ISSUE: ...(In which year?)
LAST ISSUE: ... (In which year?)
FREQUENCY: ...(monthly, weekly or so. . )
CHRONOLOGY: (changes on behalf of the magazine, takeovers of other magazines, more specific counts)
PREDECESSOR: (Which predecessor had the magazine?)
SUCCESSOR: ....(What name has a possible successor?)
SHORT DESCRIPTION: (More specifics)
I have created a database with over 340 magazines, where exactly this data are stored. I am happy to provide this information.
The question of whether to put on a general mask is exciting like in „Books“, where to put on a general mask enter data directly.

Aug 16 '20 at 21:33 (UTC)

Hi @digl1pet, thank you for these good suggestions. I will look at adding these in the next round of updates. Predecessor and successor I think will be very useful, so we can link together different publications. Frequency is a little hard because some magazines changed frequency over their life. What is an example of the type of information that would go in chronology?

If you are happy to share your data I can import it into the website. Thank you for the offer. You can send to me at john_avis@hotmail.com.

Aug 16 '20 at 21:38 (UTC)

Also if there are any former countries not already in the list that need adding please let me know.

Aug 17 '20 at 13:07 (UTC)

Hello johna,
First I have send you the database to your e-mail adress. I hope it will be helpful for this archive.
I mean the states of the old Warsaw Pakt such as the GRD are not included in the list.
And now an example for a recording of a new magazine:

TITEL: mot
COUNTRY: Germany
LANGUAGE: german
ISSN: 1861-6143
LAST ISSUE: 3/2006 (15.02.2006)
FREQUENCY: fortnightly/monthly
Rollerei und Mobil: 1/1955 – 10/56
Roller-Mobil Kleinwagen 11/56 – 6/1960
(merger with Roller – Mobil – Auto 11/1957)
Mot 7/1960 – 1970
mot auto-journal: 1970 – 9/2005 (vereinigt mit Motor Rundschau)
(1999 KFZ is published in this journal)
Motors 10/2005-3/2006
PREDECESSOR: Rollerei und Mobil
"mot" was a German automobile magazine that was produced from 1960 to 2006 by "Verlag Motor Presse Stuttgart" in Stuttgart. It first appeared monthly and from 1963 on in a 14-day rhythm (before the hiring again monthly). The origins of the magazine lie in the magazine "Rollerei und Mobil. " After the merger with the "Motor Rundschau" (1970), the name was changed to "mot auto-journal. " From 2005 to 2006 the title was changed to "Motors. " In 1999, "KFZ" was published in this journal. Unlike the magazine "auto motor und sport", which appeared in the same house, the focus of "mot" should be on the economy of the vehicles, which should also have been on the market for some time. In addition, motorsport played only a minor role.

Aug 17 '20 at 21:47 (UTC)

Thanks for the example @Digl1pet. I have added language and the ability to choose a successor. On the publication details page it will show the successor and it will also find all other publications that have that publication as their successor and show them as predecessors. I will look at adding the other fields next. I will also look at the missing counties.

I didn't receive an email from you. Can you check you sent it to the right address?

Aug 19 '20 at 08:12 (UTC)

I tried to send the file three times, unfortunately I got it back every time due to communication problems. The e-mail adrres seemed to be correct. Maybe there's another way to send you the database?

Aug 19 '20 at 23:48 (UTC)

Maybe it is to large to send? Have you tried compressing into a ZIP file? Otherwise you can send through a file transfer service like WeTransfer.com