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Sports Car World magazine collection

Jul 6 '20 at 07:42 (UTC)

Sports Car World magazine collection

Hi all
First post from me.
I am cleaning up my fathers home and he has a significant collection of Sports Car world magazines
unfortunately he doesn't have the first few issues in 1957.
His collection spans September 1957- February 1967
he is only missing 3 issues over the period, Nov 1957, Feb 1958, May 1958
Condition is good relative to age, some sleeves/bindings are more tattered etc
only 1 issue ( Dec 1965) is missing its cover and first 4 pages
there are duplicate issues of October 1957, Jan 1958 , Dec 1961
can you make suggestion as to any specialist bookstores in Australia that may be interested in buying these as a bulk lot

other vintage car books to follow

Jul 7 '20 at 21:32 (UTC)


Motor Book World (www.motorbookworld.com.au) in Melbourne sell a lot of car magazines so might be worth a try. Or any specialist motoring book shop. I see you are in SA so you could try Bevan Young (www.bevenyoung.com.au) who sells motoring books, but I'm not sure if he deals with magazines.

It's also worth advertising on Gumtree, eBay and Facebook marketplace as you may find someone after the set.

Selling as individual issues will get you the best price, usually at least $5-10 per issue after costs, but there is obviously a bit of work involved and it can be very time-consuming.