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Huge online archive of magazines

May 15 '18 at 04:11 (UTC)

Huge online archive of magazines

While looking for inspiration for improvements to this website I stumbled across an amazing website where lots of magazines of all types have been digitised and are available for reading.


There's plenty of automotive magazines available, quite a few from Australia but mostly foreign.

Unfortunately, due to the volume and variety of magazines, the search function isn't great and there doesn't seem to be an easy way of grouping automotive magazines so you can see what titles are actually available.

You may be interested to see some titles we don't usually see in Australia, like Arabia Motors (https://archive.org/details/Arabia_Motors_2016-02), Torque from Singapore (https://archive.org/details/Torque_September_2015), Car Plus from Hong Kong (https://archive.org/details/Car_Plus_2016-02), and titles you may not have heard of like Retro Cars (https://archive.org/details/Retro_Cars_April_2016).

I've got a few ideas for improvements to this website from that website, but I'll leave digitising of complete magazines to them. I still think this website's niche is as a tool to manage your own collection. I use it regularly myself for searching for articles about certain models, and also if I see some magazines for sale I can double-check I don't already have them. I am also looking again at how buying and selling could be done through the website. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions for new features please feel free to let me know.

@777rod, you might want to search that website for "kit car" - there's a few issues there from the UK.

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May 16 '18 at 11:00 (UTC)

Hi - I have some magazines called 'Cars and Car Conversions' for sale from the 1970's. They are not listed on this website but do you know where I could sell them?

May 18 '18 at 08:54 (UTC)

Hi @frog1960. eBay is a good place to sell. You can also use the search feature's "show only: completed items" option to see if similar issues have sold in the past and work out their value. Here in Australia Gumtree is very popular and good for selling locally. Not sure how big it is in the UK or if you have something similar. There's also more and more magazines for sale on Facebook marketplace, and like Gumtree, it works best for local sales.

I just had a look on eBay UK and it looks like there are plenty for sale and they aren't worth too much. Looks like there's a small amount selling. Probably worth checking if there's any issues that are in demand that you might have. Here's what I was looking at...


A tip if you are listing on eBay: try and get as many of the models covered in the magazine into the title field as that helps your listings show up in relevant searches.

May 19 '18 at 11:45 (UTC)

Thanks - I have looked and made enquiries elsewhere. I will try gumtree. Don't really want to throw them away!

May 19 '18 at 22:56 (UTC)

John very interesting website https://archive.org/details/magazine_rack . Not a lot on kit cars but absolutely huge site. wow.

BTW i did a search for cars and conversions on google and came up with another great site for you. magazineexchange.co.uk , another huge site. UK must be the holy grail for car mags!

thanks for the referral/s. rod

May 19 '18 at 23:01 (UTC)
May 25 '18 at 22:23 (UTC)

Rod, I have seen that UK website in the past and there is some useful ideas there for trading.

May 18 '19 at 03:02 (UTC)

Kit Cars

I have indexed a lot of 80s Kit Cars magazines - the original Alternative Cars magazine was started by Peter Filby which ran until 1985 to 1986 and led to Component Car which in turn may have been taken over and is now part of Kit Car. A lot Mainstream magazines also covered Kit cars during their renewed popularity in the 1980s - Not so much now ...
CCC magazine are rare in NZ but in Ebay there seems to be lots - Both CCC and Hot Car (GB) did test or write some unique articles on unusual cars and I love to see a Index on CCC - I have not covered it as they were not readily for sale when new here in New Zealand!

Cheers Julian

Jul 1 '20 at 03:35 (UTC)

I found another online archive of magazines from around the world, mostly from the last 5 years. You can download them in PDF format for free but it is very slow. The site encourages you to pay for downloads if you want them much quicker but if you are very patient they are free...


Oct 15 '20 at 06:41 (UTC)

Found another source of free magazine downloads... https://freemagazines.top/