How to manage publications where the name has changed

Sep 19 '16 at 22:28

How to manage publications where the name has changed

I'm looking for suggestions on how best to manage publications where the name has changed over time.

For example, "Modern Motor" became "Motor".

At present there is a bit of a mixture going on in the catalog. Some publications have been grouped as one publication regardless of name changes, for some there are multiple publications with the different names.

From a search engine perspective the publication name is important as it becomes the page title and main heading, which significantly influences search engine rankings. if someone searches in Google for "Publication Name April 1995" and we have the publication under a different name then it could affect whether this sites shows in search results or how far up or down in the results it shows.

For this reason I feel it is best to create a new publication for each name change, although that will be a bit of a pain when the name change is fairly minor, or there have been frequent name changes.

One option might be to add a way to relate one publication to another so links can be added, perhaps with some sort of chronological order. So "Motor" would become a relation of "Modern Motor" with a some sort of introductory date and the link to "Motor" would appear on the "Modern Motor" page and vice versa. But for some publications there might not be an introductory date, it could be an issue number of volume so this complicates things.

Another option might be to add extra fields to record multiple names and include these in the page title and headings, but for some publications this could be a long list and might not work so well.

Any suggestions welcome!

Apr 28 '18 at 06:16

Hello John. I expect that librarians have devised policies around such issues.
Therefore, I wonder if an email on the topic to, for example, the National Library of Australia (NLA) might find someone in their own technology area who could provide free and valuable input to you on the topic.
I am suggesting this particularly because on the TROVE part of their website ( they deal with newspapers from all over Australia, going through all of their many name-changes -- which occurred for a huge number of newspaper titles.
HTH. Raymond

May 14 '18 at 08:14

Thanks for the suggestion, Raymond. I'll look into how libraries handle this.