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Sep 21 '16 at 10:49 (UTC)

G day

HI everyone , My name is Goran. I live in the lower part of the Blue Mountains , Near Penrith. I have been collecting Motor Magazines for about 35 years I have a nice collection of about 3500 magazines , mostly motor sport CARS & BIKES , some sport mags , such as Golf and Fishing, but a majority of my collection is wheels , MOTOR and Steet Machine etc , plus numerous other mags , not including about 500 magazine I gave away about ten years ago before I realised I wanted to keep them. Now I am Interested in swapping or selling most of my doubles or mags that I'm not really interested in , most of my mags are listed in gumtree , with very little sale or swap offers , that's why am here , I hope to catch up with some of you , and see what's available, , as I have so many it will take me a while to list and get the authority to post them , I hope to hear from some of you soon

Best Regards
Goran D

Sep 23 '16 at 03:56 (UTC)

Hi Goran. I'm in the mid-Mountains myself and am also interested in swapping doubles and issues I don't want anymore. I've listed most of these on my "selling" page (https://www.magazinecollector.net/members/1/?tab=sale) but I've also got Unique Cars 1980/1990/2000s, High Performance Imports and some Zoom issues in a cupboard somewhere I think. If there's anything there you see you like let me know. My interest is mostly in the local mainstream motoring magazines but also in some of the UK car and bike magazines. I think I found your ad on Gumtree and there looks to be plenty there that would interest me (you can add your Gumtree link to your profile if you like).

Oh and sorry your forum post didn't go through straight away. I've put some protection in the website against spammers creating an account and spamming the website so your first forum post needed to be approved. I'll work on improving that as I don't think it says on screen that it needs to be approved. As I can see you are a genuine member I'll bump up your "powers" so you can pretty much do what you want on the site without the need for approval.

Sep 24 '16 at 03:45 (UTC)

Hi Goran, you seem like a guy that may have some mags i am after, in general kit cars, specifically some issues of custom kitcar the oz mag. If you dont have any i can understand, you would have to be crazy to build some of the cars the kit manufacturers have. cheers rod (777rod) https://www.magazinecollector.net/members/23/

Oct 1 '16 at 12:18 (UTC)

Hi all

Hi 77rod. I don't have any kit car mags at this stage, I will post up what I have soon , just very busy at the moment , I have a large collection of wheels and motor mags also street machine , , also I will post on what I'm interested in , I'm fare so I would be happy to swap two or three mags for one I want or need , I also have a large amount of golf mags which I will need permission to post , let me know if there are any issues you might be interested in and if I find something I Lo try and get it for you

Best regards

Oct 7 '16 at 09:55 (UTC)

I've got plenty of gaps in my Wheels and Motor collection so will be interested to see what you have and are looking for.

The site only caters for transportation related magazines (cars, bikes, boats, aircraft, tractors, etc) so doesn't have any category for golf magazines. But you are welcome to mention them in the forum for anyone interested.