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So you want to be a rally driver
Colin Bond interview
Consolidating an advantage - looks at some of the Ford Escort's more significant victories in Australia
Born to fly - test drive in a 240BHP BDA engined Escort RS1800
Escorts for the 'Round Australia - 1979 Repco Reliability Trial
The navigator is boss - examines the role of the navigator or co-driver
Rally 'round - a collection of some of the best colour photos of Escorts in action in some of Australia's major events
Carr shakes the establishment - Greg Carr and Fred Gocentas in the 1978 Burmah International Rally in Scotland
An ambition fulfilled - Ron Lawton, Queanbeyan Ford dealer on the NSW rally scene
Profiles - takes a closer look at the key personnel in the Ford Rally Team
WRC - a portfolio of rally action from WRC events
The Ford Rally Team Escorts - the detailed preparation of the Ford Rally Team's cars
Things that go bump in the night - a detailed look at some of the basic areas of preparation of rally cars and equipment levels used by works teams
Budgeting for the big day - a comprehensive price list of performance and durability parts and services for Escorts
Escapades on ice - photographic selection of Escort action in the ice and snow of the colder regions of Europe

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