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Zoom (Australia) Mechanic #3

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Zoom – Mechanic #3

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Special edition - the do it yourself series. 100 pages.

created May 1 '22 at 22:29 (UTC) by johna

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Cooling System Maintenance (3-pages)
Turbocharger Maintenance (2-pages)
Coolant Air Bleed (3-pages)
DIY - Top 20 Tips (6-pages)
DIY - Honda IVTEC variable valve timing (3-pages)
Advanced Shifting - Quick Shift Tech (3-pages)
Choosing the correct Spark Plug (2-pages)
Top-Shelf Turbos Pre-Purchase Checklist (6-pages)
Fixing Axle Tramp (3-pages)
RB Girdle Installation (2-pages)
Nitto Oil Pump Install (4-pages)
DIY - Brake Upgrade (2-pages)
DIY - Coilover Install (2-pages)
Tight Rear End - Shim 4-Pinion LSD (3-pages)
DIY - Engine Removal (Part-1) (2-pages)
Home-Grown Heroes (5-pages)
Fuel Rail (5-pages)
To the Track and back (7-pages)
Carbon Fibre Panels behind the scenes (5-pages)
Breathe Goddamnit Breathe - Air flow (5-pages)

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