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November 2002 (Volume 14 No. 2)

November 2002 (Volume 14 No. 2)

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November 2002 (Volume 14 No. 2)

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Country: Australia
Category: Aviation

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10=Tale of Two Fireflys
16=Shades of Blue - new scheme for one of the BBMF's Spitfires
20=Spitfires over Australia Part 2
26=Wright or Wrong?
32=Sole Australian Survivor
35=Flightpath's 2003 Warbirds Calendar
56=The De Havilland DH-100 Vampire
62=Hero not to be
66=George Hale .... MiG killer
74=A glorious flight fro Bert ... and a little help from Roy
78=Pacific Liberators in colour
80=Oshkosh Warbirds
83=Vietnam Legends of the Air

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