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August 2002 (Volume 14 No. 1)

August 2002 (Volume 14 No. 1)

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Country: Australia
Category: Aviation

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5=P-40 Airborne
6=Canberra Arrives
8=Black Cat on the way
9=Museum of Flight grows
10=Widgeon on the wing + two Aussie Fireflys back in the air
11=New Temora Meteor
12=Liberator fund devestated by theft
13=Airworld gone
14=Aero L-39 ...A touch of class
18=Spitfires over Australia: Part 1
24=Babe in Arms
36=Wanaka 2002
40=Antarctic Stormbird on show
53=Rabual's Ultimate Mystery
63=Encounters of the Komet Kind
68=the Moth that got the flutters
72=Planes of Fame Airshow
74=Temora FAC 2002
78=Antiquer's National Fly-in
80=History, Heroes and Honour at Mildura
82=Albury's Legends of the Sky

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