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Please help! Trying to find a fictional short story from the 60's

May 16 '19 at 16:47 (UTC)

Please help! Trying to find a fictional short story from the 60's

Hi All!
I need help finding a specific fictional short story that was in a car magazine sometime around the mid-60's, maybe slightly later. As a teenager, I collected/read Road and Track, Motor Trend, Car and Driver, Hot Rod, and perhaps others.

This story was set in the future, when internal combustion engines were outlawed and gasoline was scarce. Early one morning, after years of collecting parts and rebuilding care, a guy opened his garage door and fired up his "vintage" exotic sports/race car and tore off through the quiet countryside blasting through the gears and reveling in the sound echoing off the mountains. Obviously this was highly illegal and now being chased by the authorities until finally driving off a cliff. Early the next morning found another individual picking through the wreckage, taking parts home to HIS garage.

The story was between 2-4 pages long and may have been titled "The Last Race", or something to that effect. It made quite an impression on me back then and is so much more relevant today. I'm not sure how to locate it other than to appeal to car magazine collectors who may have knowledge of it. Any other ideas that may help me find it would be welcome.
Many thanks!


May 18 '19 at 05:08 (UTC)

Fictional Story in a mid 1960s car magazine

Hello Richard.
I am guessing that you MIGHT find this online -- perhaps --- at the National Library of Australia's website.

The URL is nla.gov.au

They have freely available to everyone online most newspapers Australia-wide --- up to a cut-off date.
But my understanding is that those newspapers had already been microfilmed, mostly I think by the NSW State Library.
So it was relatively easy for them to use Optical Character Recognition software to create digital transcripts of the newspapers.

It may well be that for this reason, they might not yet have any or many car magazines on there.

If you forget the URL, just google for TROVE Australia.
Trove is what they call that part of their website -- as in "treasure trove".

For anyone who is wanting to find motor articles or reviews etc. in NEWSPAPERS in Australia, using the SEARCH facility at the Trove site should give you enough results to keep you reading for years! ha ha.

Hoping that this will be of help to many of you.
Kind regards.

May 20 '19 at 21:26 (UTC)

https://archive.org/details/magazine_rack is another place where lots of magazines have been scanned and you can read online.

May 25 '19 at 00:25 (UTC)

Thanks guys! I'll give both these suggestions a try!

Jun 3 '19 at 06:53 (UTC)

Still think its a Stanley Mott in Road & Track in the 1970s

I looked - Sorry to say no Avail - I believe still it was Stanley Mott story with one of his cartoon s but Stanley Mott Cartoons were exclusively covered in Road Track i did not document these as detailed as I do as I more about real cars themselves!! - I remember seeing a Stanley Mott cartoon where a car is chased by two police cars until it goes off the clift - Sounds like your story?? - I was given by a family friend his collection of Road & Track magazines from 1974-1978 so its in one of those issues but I stored them under a load of boxes at back of my garage and hard to get too ...- I looked under Stanley Mott on Google to no avail and early Road & Track Magazines are not covered by Google Books (perhaps with new draconian copyright bill that is passed in the USA Road & Track will not release these issues to the public - Sports Car Graphic was owned by them too and next to impossible to find on the web!)

Cheers Julian

Jun 8 '19 at 00:31 (UTC)

Julian I don’t recall a cartoon but there may have been a serious graphic with the multi page story. I suppose it could’ve been in the seventies.

Jun 8 '19 at 03:07 (UTC)

I do vaguely remember the article from my youth but cannot remember where I read it.
I have two very detailed volumes titled "Automotive Literature Index". The first covers 1947 to 1976 and covers R&T, C&D and Motor Trend and the second covers 1977 to 1981 and covers 15 US magazines. They are put together by A. Wallace. I have chased down all references in them to Stan Mott (all in R&T) and they all just cartoons with no story attached. Also, I cannot find anything in the indexes that could relate to the story.


Jun 15 '19 at 01:44 (UTC)

Wow, at last someone who remembers it if only vaguely. It made quite an impression on me at the time, and is just SOOOO much more relevant today with all the evolution toward alternative power. I am afraid the days of the internal combustion engine (in the mainstream) are numbered. This fictional story was VERY ahead of it's time. I sincerely hope someone can unearth it. Thanks for your note.

Aug 26 '19 at 01:17 (UTC)

I would not limit my search to just automotive magazines. If it was penned by the late Ken Purdy, chances are it could have also appeared in True, Argosy, and even Playboy magazine.