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Recognising the contributions of @bw2520

Aug 4 '20 at 22:31 (UTC)

Recognising the contributions of @bw2520

I would like to acknowledge the contributions of one of our members, Brian (bw2520), who has been tirelessly providing magazine contents for the website since joining back in February 2019.

Brian has provided magazine index files that he had made himself, as well as producing and providing many other files that I have loaded into the website from the Motorlife Museum where he is a volunteer. Some files he had found at the museum on old floppy disks and many he has made by scanning in and converting paper-based indexes for use on the magazine collector website.

In addition to providing contents for thousands of magazines, Brian has also added issue details and cover scans/photos for close to 10,000 magazines by my estimation.

The Museum will be linking to their collection on this website so that its members can access and search magazines held by the library. (For information about the museum, which is based in Wollongong (Australia), see www.australianmotorlifemuseum.com)

Because the website now holds a lot of information that many members have spent considerable time contributing, Brian has also "volunteered" to hold backups of the website and data so that there is a second person with the resources to maintain the website should anything happen to me.

Thank you Brian, and thank you to the all the other members who have contributed -- @beamer and @digl1pet your efforts have not gone unnoticed.

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