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Magazine indexes

The main purpose of this website is to create an index of the world's automotive magazine.

Similar to Wikipedia, the index can be created and updated by any site member. For each issue the aim is to have a scan of the front cover, and a listing of the contents of the magazine including details of specific models covered, and the author.

You can search the index for articles of interest.

Reviews and ratings can be left for publications and specific issues.

Manage your collection

You can record which issues you own, which you want to buy, and which ones you have for sale.

When you search for articles you can limit your search to only issues you own.

At the top of each page you will see at a quick glance how many issues you own, want and have for sale. You can also see this information for other members.

For each magazine issue you can see how many members have it, want it, and have a copy for sale.

Sample magazine issue page

Sample magazine issue page
  1. Scan of front cover
  2. Contents of magazine issue
  3. How many members have, want or are selling this issue
  4. Flag whether you have, want or are selling this issue
  5. Reviews and ratings for this issue

Sample member page

Sample member page
  1. Avatar for member (sourced from gravatar.com)
  2. Member can briefly describe themselves and the types of magazines they are most interested in
  3. Member's reputation points, and number of issues they have, want and are selling
  4. You can send a message to the member
  5. List of issues the member has, wants and is selling


Although this website doesn't handle transactions, it does suggest trading opportunities.

If you have flagged an issue that you want to buy and another member has flagged that they have that issue for sale, a trading opportunity will be suggested.

To ensure online safety, we recommend all trading be done through a secure trading platform such as eBay or PayPal.

Seller tools

If you are selling issues on websites like eBay you will appreciate our seller templates.

Find the issue you want to sell and you can generate a template that you can copy and paste into other websites with contents and an image.

You can customise the existing templates or create your own.


You can send and receive messages from other members for the purposes of magazine related social discussion or trading requests.


A place to discuss anything related to collecting magazines. Introduce yourself, share your buying and selling experiences, or ask like-minded collectors for advice.

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