Magazines for sale worth mentioning

Dec 15 '16 at 04:10

Hi Goran. If you see anything on my list of issues for sale and want to swap please let me know. I work at Penrith.

Dec 15 '16 at 04:22

More good value magazines for sale on Gumtree in Sydney that I can't get to...

$20 for a bundle of 70s/80s Wheels and Modern Motor

Some UK Performance Car issues from the 90s (a great magazine)

And from the same seller, some European Car magazine issues from 1996 (USA publication)

Dec 17 '16 at 07:36

magazines for sale or swap

Hi Johna , i had a qick.look at your list im interested in the EVO mags , do you have a price for each or the whole lot , i would be more than happy to swap for your interested in

Jun 23 '17 at 04:48

Not magazines for sale, but brochures, and quite a lot from the 1990's motor shows. Looks like good value for $50 if someone is close to VIC Point, QLD...

Jun 23 '17 at 04:54

This could be a bargain for someone in Victoria. Around 2,000 magazines for $10 per milk crate full, or $60 for all 8 crates...

Seller says mostly 1980s Street Machine and Wheels but pictures show Motor, Car Australia, Car UK, some from the 1990s.

Jul 17 '17 at 09:52

Sydneysiders, there are plenty of free magazines on Gumtree now:

Close to 500 magazines from the 1990s/2000s including Automobile USA, Wheels, Sports Car World, Unique Cars, Motor, Road Track, Fast Four & Rotaries, Modern Motor, Jaguar.

300-400 magazines including Hot4s, Zoom, Auto Salon, Fast Fours.

Jan 11 '18 at 21:54

Possibly of interest to someone near Blacktown (Sydney)... 300 free car magazines, including Zoom:

Feb 20 '18 at 09:26

If anyone is after some old 60s/70s Australian Sports Car World or Motor Manual magazines and in QLD, there's about 150 magazines on offer for $50 at Bracken Ridge.

May 25 '18 at 22:21

Someone in NT selling ~150 old 1960s and 1970s Wheels, Modern Motor, Hot Rod and others for 50c an issue or best offer.

Aug 10 '18 at 02:26

Anybody convenient to Sydney north shore?

200 magazines going for free on Gumtree at Belrose. From the photo and description it looks like UK publications Evo, Octane, Classic & Sports Car and Classic Cars, from 1998.