How to find what price items have sold for on eBay

Aug 3 '16 at 01:02

How to find what price items have sold for on eBay

Did you know you can see whether items on eBay sold and what price they sold for after auctions have completed or finished?

This is a very useful tool for finding the value of magazine issues.

To view completed items you need to be logged in to eBay. Then do a search for items. On the search results page you will find a filter for "Completed Listings". This picture might help...

1. The completed listings filter.
2. This item sold for $35.00 (sold item price is in green), and there was 1 bid.
3. This item didn't sell. They were asking $35.00 (unsold item price is in black). There were no bids.
4. This item sold for $14.95 (again, sold price is in green). It was a "Buy it Now" item - not an auction.

You can apply the completed listings filter to any search so, for example, you could look at the recent sales history for a specific seller.

Note that completed listings only go back for a short period so unfortunately you can't look back very far. However, there are some other tools and websites out there that do allow you to go back further. eBay offer a service for this but it's not free.

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Aug 16 '16 at 10:59

Interesting! Have been using Ebay for years and never knew this...